Sunday, March 21, 2010

Future of TV Update

The future of TV was discussed at South by Southwest conference last week, and this has been reviewed by top geeks on the Gillmor Gang show. The emphasis of discussion is how the social networks integrate with television experiences, and iPAD as a TV platform. The geeks predict that at the next SXSW event will be focused on the interplay of television and social networks. It's a feature length video podcast, but worth checking out.

Steve Gillmor has followed Leo Laporte in moving tech podcasts forward to embrace video. If you watch this show, there are quite a few 'over-the-shoulder' shots of the technical setup which is based on the NewTek Tricaster. Very impressive use of low-cost video production technology.


Avery Pickford said...

Hi. I was linked to this blog when looking at the echo360 product. In short, I'm a 6th grade teacher looking to videotape my classroom on a regular basis and looking for the cheap, effective, and easy solution. Any suggestions? If you have some ideas, please email me at avery (dot) pickford (at) gmail