Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Reactions to Podcast Lectures at USD

A review of how podcasting is being used at University of San Diego (USD) caught my eye. As a reseller of Echo360 (a presentation recording solution formerly known as Apreso), I subscribe to Google Alerts that mention the product. As you'd expect, most mentions are fairly dry reviews.

But the article on USD's deployment of Echo360 was insightful because it highlighted both the pluses and minuses of using presentation recording technology in the classroom, and it also drew lots of online comments. Some of the more interesting comments:

"Technology rocks.. this IS the way of the future and the way modern college kids work and it appeals to them."

"This sort of technology is definitely geared towards the 'Me' Generation. I want it now, and I want it faster, better, stronger than before."

"ITunes U has many many more lectures online that just ones from USD. It's really amazing the number of subjects you can learn about through podcasts."

Fascinating piece.