Thursday, August 25, 2005

IM Gets a Boost

This week saw some interesting announcements from the Instant Messaging space. My fascination with Zipit Messenger has awakened my interest in IM, especially protocols and interoperability issues.

Google launched their own IM client called Google Talk, which is very thin on features and just ho-hum for someone like me that uses this stuff every day. Skype on the other hand introduced an SDK for IM developers that will help them address interoperability problems and leverage the Skype platform. Intel announced collaboration with Skype to ensure that its upcoming Centrino mobile line takes full advantage of Skype's technology (especially VOIP).

"It’s important not to build a walled garden."
- Janus Friis, Skype

That's an interesting statement from a company in the Internet telephony business - shows they're paying attention to applications of IM and VOIP, as you'd expect. Most people I know think Skype is a company to watch. And most people I know are Googling less as they rely more heavily on RSS. If this was Wired (and it's not), then Skype would be Wired and Google would be Tired.