Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Opening the New SMU Campus with a Bang

The dean of Singapore Management University has graciously agreed to host a talk so that students can gain benefit from the wisdom of overseas speakers attending the iX 2005 conference. The format will be a panel discussion and the theme will be "Web 2.0: How XML and RSS are Transforming your Internet Experience".

It turns out that this will be the very first event at SMU's new campus, which I'm sure will help create visibility for the talk.

This is the beautiful new building for the IT school at SMU.  As you see, Singapore lives up to its hype as a tropical city of excellence.


Anonymous said...

Did you really need to "persuade" the Dean?

Note: Not a very interesting word to use for starters. Feels like you are telling us that no one else could persuade him previously but you managed to now....

Bill Claxton said...

Fair point. Corrected that.